Voted by Malaysians Shoppers Best K-Beauty Toner for: Oily Skin (September Pick)

If you’re a fan of Korean beauty products, then you’re probably well aware of their multitude of toners. Unlike Western toners, Korean toners (called “Skin”) are much more than just a “second-step cleansing” part of your daily skincare regime. Korean toners play a very important part in prepping your skin for the next stage of skincare (toners are normally followed by serums or essences before moisturizers); and are designed to hydrate, exfoliate, minimize pores, brighten, soften, calm redness and sensitive skin, and moisturize depending on which toner you choose. However, that’s where the question lies, isn’t it? Which toner SHOULD you choose? There are just so many! So many toners, so little time… The most effective way to choose the best toner for your skin is to first understand the type of skin you have; and today we’ve chosen to focus mainly on *fanfare sounds* OILY SKIN TYPES!

Now, if you have oily skin, you’ll probably notice that your face is always shiny and you might suffer from acne breakouts. And if you have oily skin, you’ve probably skipped your skincare steps a few times, or even disregarded it completely because hey! My skin’s already oily so no need for that much care right? Wrong… So so wrong, my friend. Oily skin deserves just as much love in the skincare department as all the other skin types, more so even because of the complex-but-not-so-complex reason that some of us have oily skin in the first place. So before we look into the best Korean toners for oily skin, let’s have a quick look into what makes some of us have that eternal shine in the first place.

Oily skin is a result of genetics and the hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout our lives. Oily skin types have overactive oil glands that produces an oily substance that helps to keep the skin soft and moisturized called sebum. Sebum is produced via the oil glands inside the epidermis and flows out onto the skin’s surface through your pores and hair follicles. However, when there’s too much sebum production, our pores may become enlarged and susceptible to blockage as excess sebum, dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface build up and clog the now-enlarged pores resulting in what we all know and hate as acne breakouts.

We should note, however, that sebum only moisturizes the OUTER layer of the skin, which means the inner layer of our skin is NOT moisturized or hydrated by sebum. So while some of us may feel that the surface of our skin is oily and greasy, we may feel like our skin is somewhat dry from within. Sounds quite the paradox, doesn’t it? So when it comes to oily skin types, it’s not all about slapping on that salicylic acid, tea tea oil, AHAs and BHAs, and witch hazel in hopes of killing our oil glands for a more matte finish (although these ingredients are indeed the key to taming the savage oil glands). Also put down those exfoliators! Sandpapering our skin is not, I repeat NOT the solution! Instead, it is important to choose a toner which has a good oil-water balance so that these ingredients can help regulate sebum while providing adequate moisture to our skin, inside and out! So let’s have a look at some of the holy grail Korean toners for oily skin.

1.Somebymi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Whoa now that’s a long name! There’s a reason this hugely popular toner by Somebymi is called a “miracle” toner. Formulated with tea tree, this low pH toner’s main purpose is to hydrate, exfoliate, tighten pores, brighten skin tone, while keeping acne at bay! It’s a mild exfoliating toner that has AHA, BHA, and PHA (polyhydroxy acids, a new brand of peeling acids that are milder but just as effective as their alpha and beta counterparts), as well as niacinamide to help lighten those stubborn acne marks and scars in addition to brightening and evening out skin tone. This toner is quickly becoming a cult favorite, as it promises to clear up acne breakout and turnover the skin within four weeks of use.

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2.Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

While this toner’s name is quite a mouthful, it works wonderfully for those with oily skin types. This toner gently exfoliates skin and controls oil production without drying it out. What’s more it’s formulated with 60% Black Bee Propolis, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight acne, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen, and brightens skin. The natural AHAs and BHAs in this toner work to exfoliate dead skin cells without irritating the skin while maintaining the oil-water balance so that skin stays hydrated and sebum production is controlled.

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3.Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

Here we have another one from Cosrx, because they really are that good, especially if you have troubled skin. I love how Cosrx products are simple yet effective when it comes to taming those pesky blemishes. So if you’re prone to acne breakout in addition to your oily skin type, I highly suggest the AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment toner. The natural AHA comes from the 10% Pyrus Malus fruit water `of AHA used as an exfoliant for skin! Additionally, the BHA is derived from natural mineral water, and this toner also contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid, and these ingredients all work together to regulate sebum, reduce blackheads, lighten acne scars, and reduce the size of pores. So if your skin is acne and blackhead prone, oily, and not very sensitive, then this toner may work very well for you.

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4.Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Is it any surprise that Dear Klair’s made it to this list? This toner has been hailed as the “Best Toner Ever” and is cult favorite! Anyone can use it because it’s so mild and gentle and hydrating and moisturizing and EVERYTHING! But what really puts this toner on our list is the fact that it is absolutely suitable for sensitive skin types. Finding a toner for sensitive skin can be a real challenge, especially if you have skin that’s prone to breakouts. This toner is alcohol free and the amino acids provide that burst of moisture and hydration and also reduce inflammation. While it looks excessively viscous, it absorbs super fast into the skin, which is a definite must for oily skin types.It also helps to balance the skin’s pH level after cleansing and keeps skin at an optimal level (hooray oil-water balance!).

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5.Son & Park Beauty Water

Son & Park’s Beauty Water is just one of those holy grail products that needs no introduction. This multitasking product can be used by all skin types, and that includes oily skin as well, and acts as a mild exfoliator, cleansing water, toner, and mask if you’d like it to be. Willow bark and papaya extracts help to gently sweep away any dirt and grime on your face, effectively preparing it for the next steps of your skincare routine by revealing a smoother, younger, and brighter skin texture. Dead skin cells beware! This product is also packed with lots of natural goodness: lavender and rose water along with orange extracts give your skin the hydration boost it needs while it’s low 4.5 pH level helps to reset skin’s pH back to its natural level post-cleansing. It’s also got such a classy bottle which just gives you that luxurious feeling when you’re putting it on, and I for one cannot wait for the next time I have to tone my skin because it’s just so darn good!

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There you have it! Five awesome Korean toners to help you fight the shine and feel the hydration. Which is your favorite toner for oily skin?

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